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We invite you to join our FREE private virtual cook show and we’ll educate you about how to cook delicious and nutritious meals with the highest quality cookware.

Did you know that what you cook in affects what you're cooking?

Non-Stick cookware is made out of Teflon. Teflon surfaces breakdown and ends up in your food along with damaging chemicals and heavy metals from our cookware. You can buy the best organic food and turn it into poison depending on the cookware.

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Our Success Stories

I am a member of SALADMASTER family for the last 4 months and since then I have lost 60 lbs. I am very happy that I made this decision because I was struggling to lose my weight.

I tried everything, but couldn’t succeed. Now I look more confident than ever after I used SALADMASTER and my weight loss is journey is going pretty well. One of the best thing along with it is that now my food is more tasty and healthy.

Kathy Brinkley

Listen how A.K thinks that purchasing SALADMASTER Cookwares was a good decision and now she is very happy with it.

She lost 10-15 pounds after she started her journey with SALADMASTER.

“Losing weight while eating healthy”, She added. 

A.K (Army Soldier)